Papad Machine

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Papad Machine Details

Capacity (Per Hour)50-60kg

Our whole range of products are highly demanded and accepted by our customers due to their superior features such as longer service life, cost-effectiveness, reliable performance and the finer finish.Papad Machine

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Flovour Coating Pan

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Commercial Blender

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Display Counter

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Dryer Machine

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Electric Kadai (Table Top)

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Electric Kadai (With Stand)

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Farshan Machine

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Finger Chips Warmer

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Flour (Dough) Kneading Machine

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Drum Type Dough Kneading Machine

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Gas Range (Cooking Range)

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G.N.Pan And S.S.Chowki

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Gola Machine With Motor

Operation ModeManualUsage/ApplicationMaking GolaBrandThe OneMachine Body MaterialCast Ir... Continue

Gola Machine (Manual)

Packaging TypeAs per customer requirementCapacityManualUsage/ApplicationIce Gola MakingDes... Continue

Gravy Machine

Greavy machine uses to make punjabi greavy, pulp & juice from all green vegetable like tomato, onion, garlic, palak,... Continue

Hand Chilly Cutter

It is use for chopping green chily,ginger etc.Weight - 9Length - 17Width - 11Height - 22... Continue

Hand Dry Fruit Chips Machine

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Hand Operated Finger Chips Machine

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Hand Operated Sev Machine

Bowl Size1.25 kgWidth10 inchWeight6 kgLength28 inchHeight7 inchIts used ... Continue

Heavy Duty Mixer Machine

ModelHPRPMWeightLengthWidthHeight2 Ltr0.2528801198203 Ltr1.528802710... Continue

Heavy Duty Mixer Machine (Square Model)

ModelHPRPMWeightLengthWidthHeight3 Ltr12880311013285 Ltr1.5288036121... Continue

Heavy Duty Mixer Machine (Tilting Model)

ModelHPRPMWeightLengthWidthHeight5 Ltr1.528803622153810 Ltr228804123... Continue

Heavy Duty Mixer Machine V-belt

ModelHPRPMWeightLengthWidthHeight10 Ltr114404525142515 Ltr1.514405027... Continue

Ice Crusher

PhaseSingle PhaseBrandThe OneColorSilverMaterialSSFinishingPolishedAutomat... Continue

Ice Cube Machine

Power SourceElectricUsage/ApplicationHotelBrandThe OneMaterialSSSurface FinishPo... Continue

Ice Gola Machine With Motor

Operation ModeManualUsage/ApplicationMaking GolaBrandThe OneMachine Body MaterialCast Ir... Continue

Induction Cooktop

ApplicationCatering, Dairy, Food Processing, HotelBrandThe OnePower12 kWShapeRectangular... Continue

Induction Farsan Kadai

FinishPolishedUsage/ApplicationInductionBrandThe OneMaterialSSShapeSquareC... Continue

Induction Hot Plate

Sizeas per capacityFeatures40% saving fuel & gasUsage/ApplicationIndustrial OvensM... Continue

Induction Milk Khoya

Power SourceElectricMachine Body MaterialSSBrandThe OneAutomatic GradeSemi-Automatic... Continue

Induction Plate

Size12 x 12 inchUsage/ApplicationCatering, Dairy, Food Processing, HotelBrandThe OneMateri... Continue

Induction Steamer

ColorSilverUsage/ApplicationCatering,Food Processing,Dairy,HotelPhaseSingleBrandThe One... Continue

Juice Dispenser

AppearanceModernBrandThe OneColorTransparentMachine TypeManualApplicationHotel... Continue

Kadukas Bhuka Machine

ModelWith Motor & StandW/O Motor & StandHP0.5-RPM1440-Weight4313Le... Continue

Kaju Musti Machine

HP/RPM1.5/ 1440Weight168Length37Width30Height41Capacity It ... Continue

Khichi Making Machine

Model10kg15kg20kgMotor1.51.52Length262728Width232324Height4242... Continue

Laddu Crusher Machine

Weight50 Length31Motor1 HpWidth19Height28Backed by profound experience o... Continue

MS Pulverizer With Blower

Blower Pulverizers10x56451224730-35 kgOur Commercial Dry Grinder Are Used For Grinding Differe... Continue

MS Pulverizers

Our commercial dry grinder are used for grinding different types of products like spices, salt, garlic powder, sugar, le... Continue

Mango Pulp Machine

ModelSmall MediumJumboHP11.52Weight7095135Length344353Width192... Continue

Masala Grinder

Hopper Size12 x 10Weight83Length36Width16Height35Capacity (Per Hours)30 ... Continue

Masala Mixing Machine

BrandThe OneUsage/ApplicationMixingAutomation GradeSemi-AutomaticFinishingPolished... Continue

Namkeen Masala Mixer

Model1.5 feet2 feet3 feet5 feetHP0.50.51.52RPM1440144014401440Weight50... Continue

Masala Peti

ModelLengthWidthHeight6-Box161169-Box1616612-Box21166Our whole r... Continue

Masala Trolley

BrandThe OneUsage/ApplicationHotelColorSilverWheel4MaterialStainless Steel... Continue

Milk Khoya Mawa Machine

Power SourceElectricMachine Body MaterialSSBrandThe OneAutomatic GradeSemi-Automatic... Continue

M.S. Tandoor

FinishColor CoatedUsage/ApplicationCatering,Dairy,Food ProcessingMaterialMild SteelColor... Continue

Nylon Khaman Machine

Model6 Tray10 TrayWeight5675Lenght2828Width2424Height5266Tray Si... Continue

Nylon Sev Machine

HP1.5RPM1440Weight130Length55Width21Height72Capacity (Per Hour)4... Continue

Oil Maker Machine

ModelWattWeightSize(LxWxH)Capacity(Per Hour)0.25 HP4001320x8x102-5kg1.0 HP... Continue

Onion Cutting Machine

Height24 inchBrandThe OneMotor Power0.5 HPPower SourceElectricUsage/ApplicationC... Continue

Onion Cutting Machine (Jumbo)

ModelWeightLengthWidthHeightCapacity (Per Hours)2 HP Jumbo5523172670-80kgO... Continue

Onion Cutting Machine (Regular)

ModelWeightLengthWidthHeightCapacity (Per Hours)1 HP2520152130 -40 KgOnion... Continue

Onion Slice Machine

ModelWeightLengthWidthHeightCapacity(Per Hour)0.5 HP Jumbo41251224125 - 150 KG.... Continue

Orange Juice Machine

HP/RPM0.5/1440Weight28Length17Width11Height24Capacity25-30KgIts ... Continue

Kitchen Steel Pic-Up (Service) Table

ModelLengthWidthHeight1 - Under Self4524322 - Under Self4524321 - Under Self... Continue

Pizza Makeline

Surface FinishMetUsage/ApplicationHotelMaterialSSColorSilverBrandThe One... Continue

Pizza Oven (Gas)

ModelWeightLengthWidthHeightCapacity10 x 16252316204 Pizza12 x 1833272425... Continue

Pizza Oven (Electric)

ModelWeightLengthWidthHeightCapacity10 x 16172716244 Pizza12 x 1821291815... Continue

Planetary Mixer Machine

ColorSilverUsage/ApplicationDairy, HotelFinishingPolishedAutomation GradeSemi-Automatic... Continue

Popcorn Machine

ModelElectricGasImported (Electric)Bowl Size250 - 300g.200 - 250g200 - 250gWeight2... Continue

Popup Toaster

Auto Pop-UpYesUsage/ApplicationHOTELPowerELECTRICColorSILVERMaterialSSBran... Continue

Potato Peeler Machine (5 K.g)

Brand/MakeThe OneUsage/ApplicationFood ProcessingVoltage220 VWeight31 kgMotor0.5... Continue

Potato Piller Machine

Model5kg10Kg15Kg20kg25KgHP0.50.511.51.5RPM14401440144014401440Weig... Continue

Potato Wafer Machine

HP0.5RPM1440Weight50Length20Width14Height27Capacity (Per Hour)20... Continue

Potato Slice Machine

Capacity200-250 kg/hVoltage250 VBrandThe OneColorSilverMaterialSSUsage/App... Continue

Potato Tornado Cutter

BrandThe OneUsage/ApplicationHotelColorSilverAutomation GradeManualMaterialSS... Continue


No. Of Shelves4Usage/ApplicationHotelLoad per Layer50-100 kgBrandThe OneFinishMe... Continue

Rice Mill (Combo)

ModelComboWeight70Lenght49.5Width16Height43.5Motor3 HPCapacity Per... Continue

Rice Mill (Single)

ModelSingleWeight52Lenght28.5Width16Height30Motor3 HPCapacity Per ... Continue

SS Sink Unit

ModelLengthWidthHeightSingle Sink242434Two Sink482434Three Sink722434... Continue

S.S. Tandoor

BrandThe OneBody MaterialSSUsage/ApplicationHotelModelSquareMaterialSSShap... Continue


Usage/ApplicationHotelColorSilverPower SourceElectricMaterialSSBrandThe One... Continue

Sandwich Griller

ModelSingle PlateDouble PlateJumboImportedChamber Size11X1211X1215X159X16Weight1... Continue

Service Trolley

MaterialStainless SteelUsage/ApplicationHotelBrandThe OneWheelFour WheelColorSil... Continue

Single Sink With Table

ColorSilverUsage/ApplicationHotelMaterialSSBrandThe OneFinishMetShapeRec... Continue

Slush Machine

ApplicationHotelCapacity14LBrandThe OneMaterialPlasticFinishColor Coated... Continue

Soiled Dish Table

ColorSilverMaterialSSUsage/ApplicationHotelBrandThe OneWeight25 kgFinishin... Continue

Spiral Mixer

Power SourceElectricAutomatic GradeSemi-AutomaticUsage/ApplicationHotel, DairyBrandThe O... Continue

Live Steam Dhokla Machine

Model6 Tray8 Tray10 Tray12 TrayWeight43485158Length24242424Width2424... Continue

Stock Pot Burner

BrandThe OneUsage/ApplicationCatering, Food Processing, HotelMaterialSSShapeSquare... Continue

Sugar Candy

Power SourceElectricMachine Body MaterialSSAutomation GradeSemi-AutomaticBrandThe One... Continue

Sugar Cane Juice Machine (Compacq)

Model0.5RPM1440Weight40Length22Width8Height17Capacity (Per Hour)... Continue

Sugar Cane Juice Machine (Eco)

Model1.5RPM1440Weight76Length24Width17Height30Capacity (Per Hour)... Continue

Sugar Cane Juice Machine (Premium)

Model1.5RPM1440Weight75Length22Width18Height22Capacity (Per Hour)... Continue

Sugar Cane Juice Machine

Compressor - 1.75 Kcal/WH/651VCondenson Fan - HicoolGas 134 No Dryer : DenfosWater Pump - 75 GDP (24v)Voltage 220 - 230 ... Continue

Table Top Flour Mill (Diamond)

Diamond Square ModelMotor : 1 HP /1.25 HPCapacity Per Hours : 7-8 kg. / 10-12 Kg.... Continue

Table Top Flour Mill (Populer)

Popular Round ModelMotor - 1 HP / 1.25 HPCapacity Per Hours : 7-8 kg / 10-12 Kg... Continue

Under Counter Fridge

ApplicationHotelColorSilverBody MaterialStainless SteelBrandThe OneDoor TypeDoub... Continue


Model60 LTR100 LTR200 LTRHP0.250.51Weight71825Length1189Width10... Continue

Vegetable Cutting Machine

Dimension21 x 12 x 22 inch (LxWxH)Usage/ApplicationCatering, Food Processing, HotelColorSilver... Continue

Vegetable Cutting Machine (Deluxe)

ModelWeightLengthWidthHeightCapacity(Per Hour)1 HP45211120150-200 KG.... Continue

Vegetable Cutting Machine (Regular)

ModelWeightLengthWidthHeightCapacity(Per Hour)1 HP40201123150-200 KG.... Continue

Waffle Baker

Frequency50 HzUsage/ApplicationCatering, Dairy, Food Processing, HotelBrandThe OneVoltage... Continue

Water Cooler

Storage Capacity200 - 300 LtrUsage/ApplicationHotelsColorSilverBody MaterialStailness St... Continue

Wet Dal Machine

ModelWith Motor & StandWithout Motor & StandHP/RPM1/1440-Weight5621Length2... Continue

Wet Grinder (Regular)

Model2 Ltr.3 Ltr.5 Ltr.7 Ltr.10 Ltr.HP0.250.250.511Weight45651101401... Continue

Wet Grinder (Tilting)

Model5 Ltr.7 Ltr.10 Ltr.15 Ltr.20 Ltr.HP111.51.52Weight1101151252152... Continue

Kitchen Steel Working Table

ModelLengthWidthHeight1 - Under Self4524322 - Under Self4524321 - Under Self... Continue

Tray (Dish Packing) Sealer Machine

Weight22Length23Width16Height12Coil400 WatyContainer5 & 8Die... Continue

Finger Chips Machine With Motor

HP0.5RPM1440Weight46Length25Width13Height20Capacity150-200Kg... Continue

Sugar Cane Juice Chiller Machine

Compressor - 1.75 Kcal/WH/651VCondenson Fan - HicoolGas 134 No Dryer : DenfosWater Pump - 75 GDP (24v)Voltage 220 - 230 ... Continue

Roti Pressing Machine


Autometic Roti Machine Small


Automatic Roti Machine Conveyor Type (Big)

capacity800 TO 1000 ROTI PER HOURL X W X H62.4"X26.4"X54"MOTOR0.5 HP X 2ELECTRIC CONNECTIO... Continue

Vegetbal Kadukas Bhukka Machine

capacity80-100 kgMOTOR1 HPWeight28 kg ... Continue

Cabbage Cutting Machine


Automatic Samosa Making Machine

MOTOR2 HP ( SINGLE PHASE )weight94 kgsamosa size3 inch / 9 cmsamosa gram35 gram maximumq... Continue

2 Feet Halwa Machine

L X W X H 48 X 30 X 43WEIGHT 200 KGMOTOR 0.5 HPBU... Continue

3 Feet Halwa Machine

L X W X H 56 X 38 X 45WEIGHT 250 KGMOTOR 1 HPBURN... Continue

4 Feet Halwa Machine

 L X W X H 68 X 50 X 49WEIGHT 300 KGMOTOR 1.5 HP... Continue

5 Feet Halwa Machine

L X W X H 88 X 62 X 49WEIGHT 350 KGMOTOR 2 HPBURN... Continue

Hand Manchurian Ball Machine

L x W x H47"x37.5" x 45'BOWL SIZE BIG8" X 13"WEIGHT24 KG... Continue

Manchurian Ball Making Machine (With Standerd Gear Box)

MOTOR0.5SIZE38" X 21" X 36"WEIGHT77 KGCAPACITY P/H1400 TO 1500 BALL... Continue

Dough Sheeter Machine


Dough Sheeter With Douth Kneader Machine


Dough Sheeter Machine With 18" Roller


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